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:: A b o u t   U s ::

M y D a d ' s G r e a t was created by Chris Decatur and Mike Lee, with the hopes to one day show the world that even the little guy CAN do it. This two-man duo, also known as Mike Lee & Me, created their connection over some coffees and a discussion about Waner Bros. cartoons.

:: C h r i s   D e c a t u r ::

Artsy Fartsy Pants

Writer, Director, Editor, Actor, and composer, Chris has far too much time on his hands. The mastermind behind "9 Ways…" and "What I Did…", Chris' sick sense of humor running in tandem with Mike Lee's sharp wit and capibility to make anything happen, creates a playground for absurd movies to germinate.

:: M i k e   L e e ::

Mr. Git-er-dun

Producer extraordinaire, Mr. Lee is known for making the impossible possible. Leaving the words "can't" and "no" out of his vocabulary, the man is a force to be challenged, and a must-have tool for any production company.

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