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:: NINE WAYS TO KILL A CAT - Based on a true story ::

10 days before the a Utah film forum, Stephe showed me a website for a film forum and said, "You should submit something. ANYTHING!" After 2 days of writing, 3 days of filming, and 3 nights of editing, IT'S FINISHED!! …and it's actually not half bad for our first flick! We learned a lot of priceless information, and well… I have a lot of people to thank.

Everyone in Utah thought it was a great movie, and we premiered it for friends here in Sandy Eggo with a very much appreciated applause at the end.

Even though the movie isn't EXACTLY what you would call "perfect", it's pretty good considering the time frame we got it done in, the lack of preperation, and the lack of knowledge. Thanks to everyone who helped!!!


For more, visit the Cat Movie website.

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